Moving Past Depression

What a whirlwind of a year! One of my closest friends lost her ten month battle with pancreatic cancer; I made the heart wrenching decision to leave my marriage of 18 years; I bought a new house and took on the biggest financial commitment of my life to date; I packed up 20 years of my life and moved in to my new home last month; and I just completed a ten month professional chef training program at The Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan, something I had dreamed of doing for the last five years, but never did because I just couldn’t justify that I was worth the investment.  Well, tragedy and heart break have a funny way of shifting your perception about priorities.

past futureI had to let go of many things this past year… certain commitments I couldn’t keep up with; some past times I love that I just didn’t have time for; and even some friendships that no longer served me.  I needed to allow myself the space to go through and heal from the emotional havoc that my life had become.  I was humbled and beaten down.  I felt like I’d never be able to pull myself together again… that everything I was all about had really been just a façade all along.  I felt like a total fraud.  I fell into a depression that had me wallowing in despair for weeks.  Months actually.

Thankfully, the human spirit is resilient.  All the training and experience I have had in my life up until that point prepared me and provided me with the tools I needed to pull myself together and transform my life.

I wrote an article for   recently about my struggle with depression and how I was able to overcome it.  The feedback I received from readers made me realize how many people are in similar situations and just how important it is to talk about it.  So many people suffer in silence, afraid to admit they need help, afraid of the stigma of depression and that it makes them look weak to ask for help.

I’ve finally turned a corner… emerged into the new light of day and the sunlight on the horizon looks very inviting!

The seeds I’ve been planting are beginning to show signs of life.  I am certain they will soon blossom into the most glorious, lush, colorful garden imaginable.  I’m ready to being this next phase of my life.

There are many new developments in the works at Get Some Zen that will be unfolding over the coming weeks and months.  New cooking classes; a juice fast delivery service; a webinar series about how to integrate the healing qualities of essential oils into your life; another series about the healing properties of Kangen alkaline water and how it is allowing people even with late stage illness to reclaim their health; and a couple of weekend wellness retreats in upstate New York.

So stay tuned … and let me know what you would like to see more of.  Retreats?  Cooking classes? Videos? Webinars?  Online programs?  Talk to me!



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