Kale and Eggs: My Birthday Breakfast!


  Forget the bacon!  Who needs it when you have kale in the house.  I celebrated my birthday this week and treated myself to the best birthday breakfast ever.  A hearty, satisfying, slightly spicy dish of kale, eggs and tomatoes. No meal feels complete to me unless it includes greens and that includes breakfast.  There […]

Healthier Alternatives to Sugar

strawberry chocolate

  The holidays are upon us and for many people that will mean giving in to temptation and overdosing on sweets!  Cravings for sugar are something millions of people experience, so don’t feel you are alone if you are struggling to remove it from your diet.  Sugar is an addictive substance that can be very […]

Delicious Vegan Cookie Recipe

Thumbprint Cookie WEB

Since I began teaching raw foods classes and vegan cooking classes, I have brushing up on my own culinary skills by attending The Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan. The instruction there is fantastic and it is so refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded people who are conscious of the fact that you are what you […]